sutro_stairs_Randi-croptWorking with Randi has been a huge blessing for me. I have gained insights about myself my relationships, and my work—invaluable information that I would have never understood completely without Randi’s help. I also trust my intuition now more than at any other time in my life. I can even hear my soul now when it is whispering my deepest dreams and desires. – Judie H.

Outstanding is the first word that comes to mind to describe Randi and her intuitive ability.  More than anyone, she has helped me move forward- through the blocks – to get back on track and live  my truest potential in relationships and my professional life.  There are so many things I love about working with her. She is amazingly Intuitive – and Always Right! She is joyful, fun and her Integrity resonates throughout every aspect of her being.  Because Everyone I have recommended to Randi is thrilled with her work, She makes me look very good. – Beth G.

I have been working with Randi for about 3 years now…..she does intuitive counseling and healings. Before I went to see her, I wasn’t really clear on what that meant, but here’s my take on it: it’s like 5 years of therapy packed into an hour without any drama or hard work! She reads you energetically and helps balance your chakras, brings clarity on things you may struggle with and helps bring clarity to my relationships, and what is happening energetically. When I leave, I feel as though my spirit has been de-clutttered. Working with her has deepened my understanding of myself, my relationships, and my patterns; and has given me the space to hold myself with compassion and acceptance. Working with her has had a wonderful impact on my life. – Peg W.

A kind friend sent me to Randi shortly after the death of my mother.  Randi’s exquisite insight and humor have given me both clarity and the courage to heal.  Her fierce love and understanding of human nature has inspired me to step back into my life in a new way. I am a better person for having connected to Randi and continue to reach out to her in times of need and joy.  -Judy P.

Wowww, Randi is the real deal, and if you have ever wanted to have a reading with a clear, precise and compassionate Intuitive Counselor look no further.   Life can get pretty confusing sometimes and I came away feeling so light and empowered. So many things that I needed clarity about she just brought up, I didn’t lead this session much at all. I noticed that she went over our time and it felt really nice not to be watching the clock. Thanks Randi. I can’t wait to see her again and I will refer her to all my friends and clients. -Dana S

A visit to Randi Merzon offers an opportunity to heal on a core intuitive level. I have had about 6 healing sessions with Randi over the past 20 years, all unique, all very helpful to my health and well being. Many of my friends have visited and had help with so many issues including sleeping problems! She taught a workshop on manifesting your dreams that i took a few years back and it was an incredibly positive experience;  I learned a lot about the power of meditation and manifesting goals in your life.  She is truly a gifted compassionate healer, we are lucky to have her in SF. – DeAnna

Think of it as a massage for the spirit. – Doug Z. S.