You have the capacity to receive, interpret, and successfully use your intuition for better health, well-being, and clarity. Through guided meditation, intuitive healings, and hands-on exercises, Randi Merzon can help you access your intuition and connect to your authentic self in a deep and grounded way.

Over the years Randi has assisted thousands of clients worldwide on a variety of issues relating to creativity, relationships, business, health, and more. A session with Randi can be particularly helpful when you are navigating life’s transitions or looking to resolve long-standing issues.

During an intuitive consultation, Randi provides very clear, grounded information about situations that pertain to your life, including some that you may not be conscious of. She will express in words what you have been holding in your mind and heart. The consultation often validates what you already know, but in the process of doing so, helps bring your energy and thoughts into “present time.”

During a session, you are also given access and insights into the subtle energies of the body. This energy contains knowledge about the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Randi helps you to interpret this information, and then transmutes any stagnant energy (blocks) into profound healing. She does this through a deep understanding of chakras (your energy centers) and energetic boundaries (your aura).

Working with subtle energies has brought more awareness to thousands of Randi’s clients. “When I work with clients to remove energy blocks, the sense of relief they feel is palpable.” This relief can be anything from a release of tension in the chest to a clearer understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and issues.

Joining in a healing partnership with Randi helps you to unlock your own information, dislodge destructive physical and emotional blocks, and replenish your body systems with your own vital energy. With her help, Randi’s clients come to learn that the power to heal and change is inside each of them.

On an on-going basis, working with an Intuitive like Randi can have a profound and lasting effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  This soul work evokes discovery about your spiritual truth, and it gets you in touch with Source energy in a very real way.